Mr. Nicco Bhabu

Mr. Nicco Bhabu

VP Technology & Co-Founder at EV Motors

Nicco BhabuCo-Founder & V.P Technology – Nicco has 20+ years of experience in the semiconductor electronics and the renewable energy industry with 10+ patents under his name.

He had setup and managed highly motivated and innovative global R&D team in Design for Test domain cross US and India. He has designed several industry first ASIC chipsets for use in the Automotive, Avionics, Displays and Communication Industry.

At ChipX, he managed teams across US and Israel and was responsible for development and delivery of the next generation architecture for structured ASICs. He has also designed and developed the first scuba-diving computer for use in deep sea operations

Electrification Panel Discussion

The regulatory flip flop around India’s electric vehicle plans reflects the underlying stress of what is a potential game changer for the auto industry and also a huge disruptive threat; for now, where is the roadmap? In a price sensitive market like India, how will commercial viability of EV improve in the future? What about […]