FuComs is an initiative from the directors of three different verticals of industries:

1 ). Expo Machine Tools Private Limited – An organisation with an experience of 20 years in the field of graphite & Carbon and having an established R&D centre approved by the govt. of India.

2 ).  Metric Chants Design Attributes – An organisation with an exceptional expertise in the field of architecture & Engineering since around 2 decades.

3 ). Plast Alloys India Limited – An organisation serving the Indian automotive Industry with its PP Engineering Composites since 1992 with a full fledged R&D centre.

FuComs is not only in future composites, but it provides the most technical industrial fibers & components made exclusively for light weighing by giving strength better than metal.

The core verticals of the company are :

1 ). Automotive light weighing components

With an unmatched strength and stiffness to weight ratio, these carbon fiber composite are structurally optimized for the required strength while minimizing weight. Reducing the weight of vehicle yields better handling, a quieter and smoother ride, faster acceleration, quicker deceleration, and improved fuel efficiency.

2 ). Structural Reinforcment & Rehabilitation:

A Product that will revolutionise the industry of Rehabilitation, Repair & Maintenance for the Bridges, Fly-Overs, Railway Over bridge & Buildings. Carbon fiber being extremely light weight, and easy to install will make the rehabilitation work complete in fraction of time when compared to the conventional way of concrete based reinforcement. It is not just a fabric layover, Its entirely a patented Technology being installed to do the job.