Shivam Autotech Limited

Shivam Autotech Limited is one of the largest manufacturer of Transmission Gears and Shafts in India and have State of The Art facilities for Hot, Warm & Cold Forging, Gear Cutting (Hobbing, Shaping, Shaving, Gear grinding etc.), Machining (Turning, Milling, Broaching etc.), Finishing (Grinding, Honing, Polishing etc.), Heat Treatment (Carburizing, Continuous Hardeing and Tempering Carbo-Nitriding, Normalizing, Iso-Thermal Annealing, Induction Hardening, Induction Annealing etc.) across our Five Units, located in Gurgaon, Haridwar, Manesar, Rohtak & Bangalore.

The company has grown significantly in last few years and marked its footprint on a diversified port-folio, which includes Transmission parts, Steering components, Auto Electrical Components, Non-Automotive segments, Assemblies and sub-assemblies, After market components etc.