Dr. Rushen Chahal

Dr. Rushen Chahal

Founder - Hriman Motors LLP

Dr. Rushen Chahal is the Founder of Hriman Motors LLP, RT Koytango Pvt Ltd & Terabit Networks. He has over 23 years of expirience in Digital Business, Product, Transformation, Innovation & Content Management.

He has been part of of 5 Multi Billion USD startup businesses in E Commerce & Technology and has 86 Patents both as an Individual and as part of a Team with Blackberry, Research in Motion, GE, Blackwater Research.

Dr. Rushen is also an author of 2 books – The Digital Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing 2.0

He is the recipient of the following Awards:

2016 – HIT Ricoh Business World Educational Excellence Award
2017 – Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation Award for 2017
2017- Edu Visionary of the Year Award by Former President Pranab Mukherjee on his 83rd birthday.


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