Ms. Sakshi Vij

Ms. Sakshi Vij

CEO & Founder - Mylescars CEO & Executive Director - Carzonrent India Pvt Ltd

Ms. Sakshi Vij has been instrumental in shaping the personal mobility space in India over the last 12 years. Having represented Global Car rental brands in India, successfully built one of the largest radio taxi brands in India and built the largest B2B Chauffeur drive rental brands in India within Carzonrent, she launched Mylescars in November 2013.

Mylescars aims at connecting Car owners with Car users to ultimately reduce the congestion in Indian cities. A simple platform that lets you share your car with those around you makes sure that a Myles user can have a car without the hassles of owning one.

An Alumnus of the Harvard Business School, Sakshi has been passionate about the growth of the shared economy and has been working on investing and building the opportunities in the sector. Sakshi has experience studying and/or working in Dubai, Singapore, Paris, Boston and Delhi.

Shared Mobility Panel Discussion

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